Earn a living running your own local news business


How we help:

— We provide a complete technology solution to publish and run a local news operation, including a web site, CMS, email, analytics, community features like calendars and classifieds and the latest digital reporting tools.

— Multiple monetization tools, including advertising, membership and on-site self-serve products for users

— No upfront costs

— Teaching and mentoring on-platform from successful local news publishers, to help you succeed

— Ability to use your own branding and domain, to preserve your independence

— Access to a community of like-minded news entrepreneurs, to share best practices


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Who we are

We’re a group of developers and journalists who believe local news and reporting is critical for a functioning democracy. We believe the best way to ensure that local journalism thrives is to give individual reporters a sustainable way to earn a living by covering their communities. That’s our mission.

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Who’s going to save local news? You are.



— Calendar, Real estate, weather, and classifieds for 34,000 towns in America built into on the platform (with or without a news organization!). Create an account, pick your town, and post!

— Fully-functional hyperlocal news platform with no startup or tech costs.

— Free to use.

— Accept recurring payments for advertisements and memberships right on the platform.

— Create an organization and manage reporters or freelancers.

— Use your own custom domain, or remain right on labs.patch.com if you do not want the trouble.

— Send newsletters and alerts sent to your mailing list

— Track performance with statistics.

— Internal messaging and tips to help with engagement.

— Community involvement: a local calendar, comments, classifieds, weather, real-estate and more baked in.


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