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Who we are and what's in it for us.



— Easy ad creation.

— Collect recurring revenue from supporters.

— Collect recurring revenue from local advertisers.

Fully-functional hyperlocal news platform with no startup or tech costs.

— Send newsletters and alerts to your mailing list

— Manage reporters or freelancers.

— Community involvement: a local calendar, comments, classifieds, weather, real-estate and more baked in.

— Ability to use your own branding and domain, to preserve your independence


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Who we are and what’s in it for us:

— We’re a group of developers and journalists who believe local news and reporting is critical for a functioning democracy. We believe the best way to ensure that local journalism thrives is to give individual reporters a sustainable way to earn a living by covering their communities. That’s our mission.

— What’s in it for us? The platform is free to use. To help defray costs we charge a small transaction processing fee of 3 - 10 percent on payments made through the platform in addition to any merchant credit card fees.

— How can we afford to do this? We are funded by Patch Labs, an arm of hyperlocal pioneer


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